"Fenstergucker" von Baumeister und Bildhauer Anton Pilgram (1460 – 1515) am am Kanzelfuss im Längsschiff des Stephansdoms Wien (1513)

In 1882, the French writer Maria Deraismes was accepted by the Lodge «Les Libres Penseurs» in Pecq, a suburb of today’s Paris.

Eleven years later, on April 4, 1893, Maria Deraismes and George Martin, a well-known freemason, founded the first mixed lodge in Paris.

Maria Deraismes died on February 6, 1894. The task of organizing and developing the mixed lodge was assigned to George Martin. Using his strong will, he succeeded in overcoming the borders between countries, peoples, religions and cultures. Very soon, many new masonic lodges were founded worldwide.

The Mixed Lodge of Zurich was founded in 1896. It survived until the late twenties. In 1963, it was revived, and since 1999, ISIS + OSIRIS, together with six more lodges, became a founding member of the Mixed Grand Lodge of Switzerland GLMS / GGLS.

The building expert and sculptor Anton Pilgram, 1460 – 1515, supervised the builder’s lodge of the Vienna cathedral from 1511 until his death. In 1513, he set himself a timeless monument sculpting the famous «Fenstergucker» at the pulpit foot in the central naval of Saint Stephan’s cathedral. The master holds a circle in his hand, a typical tool of the mason’s art, symbolizing the all-embracing love radiating from the central part point. The stone cutter’s mark, the signature of the endowed artist, is in the center of the upper window framework.

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