riade Horus, Osiris, Isis, XXII Dynastie, um 945-715 v.Chr. unter König Osorkon II entstanden. Gold, Lapislazuli, Glas, 9cm x 6.6 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris.

ISIS + OSIRIS is a mixed lodge, committed to the Declaration of Principles of the Mixed Grand Lodge of Switzerland, the National Confederation of Lodges and Rites. It stands for Freemasonry in Switzerland.

In those days, the founding members of the Zurich lodge chose the name «ISIS + OSIRIS» in order to express the female and male principle.

The lodge ISIS + OSIRIS welcomes all individuals, female or male masons from any direction. It accepts new members – women and men – who feel destined executing masonic work including love for family and mankind, without discriminating races, nations, faith or female and male individuality.

ISIS + OSIRIS, the only mixed lodge in the German part of Switzerland, speaks German and meets in Zurich twice a month. It is an official association based on Swiss Law and ruled by the regulations of the ZGB.

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